Seniors Are Buying Tiny Homes to Live Their Golden Years Off the Grid

Photo: Sausage Nonnas Forget assisted living or RVs, more and more seniors are looking at tiny homes to spend their retirement. In fact, a 2015 survey found that 30% of tiny home residents were between 51 and 70 years old, making senior citizens a huge part of the tiny home movement. As result, more companies are specializing in […]

20 Free Crochet Patterns You Can Start Stitching Today

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. For any fiber art—whether you’re knitting, embroidering, or crocheting—patterns are important. They provide critical directions and precise structure for your projects. If you’ve taken up crochet, learning about crochet patterns will be one of the first […]

Dogs Can Identify a Bad Person Confirmed By Science

How to Understand Your Dog Better. It looks like dog owners have scientific evidence to prove that their pets are the smartest and most perceptive and can even help them single out bad people. Their list of superpowers makes dog people proud: they can sense fear, read body language, and even smell cancer to find […]

We Need An Education of the Heart: Dalai Lama

Education is one of our core values here at Collective Evolution. By education I don’t necessarily mean the acquisition of a degree, however; education takes all shapes and forms. Simply being alive and experiencing life as we do every day is worthy of the name education. We receive an education when we interact with others, and we […]

AI brings “dreams” to life at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall (WDCH) has been home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic since 2003. When architect Frank Gehry designed the Concert Hall, he hoped that the beauty of the music created within its walls would one day be reflected on the outside. So to mark the Philharmonic’s 100-year anniversary this fall, artist Refik Anadol […]

Woman who discovered a whole new type of galaxy

Mutlu-Pakdil grew up in Turkey, where she loved physics and the night sky. She attended Beşiktaş Atatürk Anatolian High School and was the first generation of her family to attend college.She completed her undergraduate studies at Bilkent University in 2009.  She moved to Texas Tech University for her graduate studies, gaining a Masters degree in 2012.  In 2017 she earned her PhD, “Testing […]

8 Key Lessons for Living a Simple Life

For the last dozen years, I’ve been living a (relatively) simple life. At times, the complexity of my life grows, and I renew my commitment to living simply. Living a simple life is about paring back, so that you have space to breathe. It’s about doing with less, because you realize that having more and […]