Physicists Think They’ve Spotted the Ghosts of Black Holes from Another Universe

We are not living in the first universe. There were other universes, in other eons, before ours, a group of physicists has said. Like ours, these universes were full of black holes. And we can detect traces of those long-dead black holes in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) — the radioactive remnant of our universe’s violent birth. […]

We Need An Education of the Heart: Dalai Lama

Education is one of our core values here at Collective Evolution. By education I don’t necessarily mean the acquisition of a degree, however; education takes all shapes and forms. Simply being alive and experiencing life as we do every day is worthy of the name education. We receive an education when we interact with others, and we […]

Change reality by observing? It’s easier than you think.

Quantum physics is the study of the interaction of atoms and the microscopic universe. Quantum Physics gave us TV (the image is formed by electrons being shot at a layer of phosphorous on the inside of the screen.) Quantum also gave us microwave ovens, lasers, cell phones, nuclear energy, and the atom bomb. In the […]

The Myth of the Universal Mind by Daniel Casasanto

What role does experience in shaping our brains and minds? Do we all share a universal mind? Daniel Casasanto argues that rather than sharing a universal mind and grammar, we should recognize and accept the differences in our human minds in order to better understand them. Daniel Casasanto is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at […]