China is Building Laser 10 Trillion Times Stronger than the Sun That Could Tear Space

Chinese scientists are reportedly at work constructing a mega-laser that is so powerful, it could literally tear apart empty space. How can a laser tear apart the absence of matter? Physicists hailing out of Shanghai, China are building what they refer to as a “Station of Extreme Light,” a device that they claim could be fully functional as early […]

Earth Is Passing Through A Dark Matter “Hurricane” Right Now

Scientists have suggested that a dark matter “hurricane” might be making its way past the Sun, and it could be detectable here on Earth. Published in Physical Review D, the study led by Ciaran O’Hare from the University of Zaragoza in Spain looked at a collection of nearby stars moving in the same direction known as […]

Video Captures Amazing Meteor Explosion! WOW

This incredible video made from a series of images captures the ‘once in a lifetime’ moment a meteor explodes and then disintegrates into the night sky above a castle. The breathtaking scene – recorded very few times on camera – was caught during an Orionid meteor shower on Saturday, October 20. Orionid meteors occur every […]

The Winners of the 2018 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Contest Are Out of This World

Transport the Soul” by Brad Goldpaint (USA). Overall Winner and Winner, People and Space. Interested in adding a ‘human element’ to his photographs, once the quarter moon rose and revealed the incredible, vast landscape of the shale hills below the viewpoint, the lone photographer, to the left of the frame, stood motionless while he captured […]

The Milky Way’s Glimmering Core Captured in a Timelapse Video by Adrien Mauduit

When not working for a NASA-funded citizen-science project, Adrien Mauduit travels the world seeking out remote places to create photographs and films of the night sky. To the naked eye, the galaxies around us appear as single points of light; Mauduit’s “astro-lapse” visuals showcase the dimensionality of the universe through specialized photo and video equipment. His most recent […]

Orion, harbinger of winter, begins rising around midnight

The winter sky’s most conspicuous constellation is now prominent in the dawn sky.   This cropped photo of the Orion Constellation, taken in October 2010, clearly shows one of the world’s most recognizable asterisms — Orion’s Belt. The famous belt is made up of the bright stars Altitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. Rogelio Bernal Andreo   […]